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"You can't achieve greatness being afraid to leap."

This show highlights your company/organization and what it took for you to get where you are as well as products/services you offer and any events you have coming up. It's a great way to tell your story while promoting your business!


The show is broadcast worldwide LIVE on JQLM Radio station where thousands of listeners tune in and if you miss it, you can catch it on several podcast platforms such as; iHeartradio, Spotify, Spreaker, Google Play, iTunes, and more. 


The platform also provides the opportunity for business owners to advertise daily or weekly by becoming a sponsor. Check our calendar to see who is being featured on the show weekly. If you'd like to be a guest or a sponsor, click the button above. 

Consulting. Help Shops. Sponsorship.



We  provide business consulting and other  services to aspiring and established business owners of for profits and nonprofits. Some of the services include business development, help shops, document and manual creation, business plans, marketing materials, problem solving strategies, and more.  We also offer mentorship and legal documentation.


If you are in need of any of these services, contact us for more information. Don't forget to check out our calendar and event pages to see when the next help shop is. 

Help Shops


Our Business Bangers Help Shops are fun and interactive and designed to help aspiring and established business owners start, establish, merge, fix, and grow their company or organization. We walk through the entire process with you during all 3 types of help shops; from legal documentation to branding or daily operations, documents and more. We do not just teach.You actually get started on what you need for your business while attending. There is a follow up team that makes sure you are staying on task and checks in to see if you have any questions or concerns. 

Each help shop includes a step by step manual, tools, resources, a free service or product and food (if attending locally). You can attend from anywhere as there is an option to attend virtually. Check our Calendar to see which help shop you'd like to sign up for and then apply on the Events page! Contact us for more information. Don't forget to become a member.


The Business Bangers Spotlight podcast offers sponsorship to business owners looking to get their product/service in front of more people or to build their brand. We offer weekly, monthly, and daily advertising on the show and on the entire JQLM Radio platform. Get your business mentioned during the show and/or get an audio/visual commercial advertisement to be put into rotation and experience VIP access to free and discounted services.

You can also be featured on our social media sites! Ask about booking us to provide LIVE media coverage for your upcoming event and see what's included! Contact us today for more information. 


About Us

Business Bangers is a division of Life Support Company LLC, founded by Jacquie Murrell, better known as "Lady J." Life Support was founded in 2015 after Murrell's book series about her awe-inspiring and unbelievable life story titled, "Life Support" stormed the Midwest's  youth/family and empowerment programs. They started contacting her to come speak and provide sessions to youth and women to help them overcome what she did to be successful in all areas of life. While the company's program focuses on rebuilding the emotional, social, mental, and financial aspects of life, Murrell started to notice that several individuals wanted to start their own business and small business owners were facing many difficult challenges just to get started. This is how Business Bangers was born in 2018. She decided to add this component to complete the holistic model and help business owners become successful as she did....teaching others how to make the impossible, possible through Business Help Shops, Consultations, Training, and providing Professional Services.

For more information about Lady J and to check out her other businesses to see how she can serve you, visit


Contact Me  |  Tel: 1317-886-0296

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