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Business Bangers is a division of Life Support Company LLC, founded by Jacquie Murrell, better known as "Lady J." Business Bangers offers a host of business services for entrepreneurs and has helped countless entrepreneurs over the past 6 years start, build, grow, and repair their brands through help shops, consultation, and providing business support services.


Lady J has a combined 15+ years of experience in business and office management, business development, and leadership in numerous industries that include but are not limited to healthcare, funeral services, real estate, and office administration. She holds degrees in Business Management and Psychology. 

Life Support was founded in 2015 after Murrell's book series about her awe-inspiring and unbelievable life story titled, "Life Support" stormed the Midwest's youth/family and empowerment programs. They started contacting her to come to speak and provide sessions to youth and women to help them overcome what she did to be successful in all areas of life. While the company's program focuses on rebuilding the emotional, social, mental, and financial aspects of life, Murrell started to notice that several individuals wanted to start their own business and small business owners were facing many difficult challenges just to get started. This is how Business Bangers was born in 2018.


She decided to add this component to complete the holistic model and help business owners become successful as she did....teaching others how to make the impossible, possible through Business Help Shops, Consultations, Training, and providing Professional Services. Lady J and her team make it a point to help entrepreneurs leap into success.

For more information about Lady J and to check out her other businesses to see how she can serve you, visit

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