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Help Shops

$40 - Individual Courses  /  $150 - Full Course Program

Our Business Bangers Help Shops are fun and interactive and designed to help aspiring and established business owners start, establish, merge, fix, and grow their company or organization. We walk through the entire process with you during all 3 types of help shops; from legal documentation to branding or daily operations, documents and more. We do not just teach.You actually get started on what you need for your business while attending. There is a follow up team that makes sure you are staying on task and checks in to see if you have any questions or concerns. 

Each help shop includes a step-by-step manual, tools, resources, and a free service or product. Below are a list of some help shops we offer. You can attend from anywhere as there is an option to attend virtually. Check our Calendar to see which help shop you'd like to sign up for and then apply on the Events page! Contact us for more information. Don't forget to become a member of the site to get updates about free and discounted services or perks, business tips, and upcoming events. You can even apply to be a guest on the podcast!

Business A-Z

A help shop designed to help, invest in, and educate aspiring and established nonprofit and for-profit entrepreneurs to start, grow, or repair their business. Get help with the following:

  • -Business formation & registration

  • -Operational & Organizational Structure

  • -Customer Service & Professionalism

  • -Policies, Procedures & Funding

  • -Marketing, Branding & Finance

  • -Website & Social Media Development

  • -Documents & Databases

  • -Business Software & Materials 

  • -Trademarks, Copyright, & Licensing

  • -FREE Business gift when you attend

  • Free radio advertisement (2 Weeks)

Marketing & Software

A help shop designed to educate and train aspiring and established entrepreneurs on efficient cost-effective or FREE software and marketing strategies to grow their brand and clientele. Learn about and how to use...

  • -FREE & affordable software for databases, team projects, administration tasks, finance, online retail, campaign management

  • -Social media marketing for different industries

  • Multimedia marketing and advertising

  • -Networking opportunities

  • -Beneficial partnerships

Documents & Manuals

A help shop designed to educate and train aspiring and established entrepreneurs on how to create essential custom documents for their business. Learn how to create professional...


  • -Contracts

  • -Paper and online administrative forms  (letterheads, donation letters, intake forms, purchase orders, etc.)

  • -Manuals, booklets, etc. 

  • -Custom policies, procedures, and training documents. 

  • -Free radio advertisement (1 week)

All Things Nonprofit

A help shop designed to help aspiring and established founders of nonprofits learn how to start, grow, and sustain their organization with or without the assistance of grants. Be prepared to learn the best kept secrets too! Learn how to...

  • -File your state and federal paperwork properly

  • -File your 501c3 paperwork

  • -Form your board and bi-laws

  • -Prepare documents for donations

  • -Creative sustainable funding

  • -Strategic planning

  • -Financial and service tracking tools and tips

  • -Free radio advertisement (1 week)


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